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Paint Protection


Premium Paint Protection Package

Premier Car Tint, we can ensure that you paint job is protected from, minor scr5atches, flexck and bumps, plus proptection from the harsh sun, to ensure that you keep your cars paint job looking brand new.

Wheel and Rim Protection

Wheel and Rim Protection at Premier Car Tint will ensure you can look after your rims, retaining that brand new look and feel.

Paint Protection Kits from Premier Car Tint

Premier Car Tint Sydney can set you up with a premium car paint protection plan, ensuring you have the shine and gloss looking on point every time, it will help yopu to retyain your vehicles value, while keeping your car looking great. Our premium paint protection films repel water and minimize visual markes such as swirl m arks and other blemishes that can appear on the surface of your car.

Keep it looking new for longer

Premer Car Tint, have a variety of high quality paint protection kits on offer, we can apply protection films to the rims and wheels as well, to ensure tyhat your vehilcle’s paint job is protected from blemishes and minior bumps and scratches.

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